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Jørgen Dickmeiss (1971) grew up on the island Funen. He is wellkown for his work as the natural epicentre in the Folk/roots/rock band Tumult, that started out in 1999. Through his work here combined with the work in Svøbak he has developed a very personal style and a strong rhythmical swing and drive. For the last ten years he has been playing in the tangoquartet Tangueros, which is easy to hear in his warm tone and in his good technique and innovative style.

Besides singing and playing the fiddle heis quite multi instrumental, playing mandolin, guitar, jaws harp, diatonic accordeon, harmonica and bodhran. He has also done quite a lot of theatre work throughout the years as an instrumentalist, composer, singer and actor in Odense, Århus and Aalborg.

” I started playing the cornet with my brother at the age of 6, but at the age of 12 I replaced it with the violin. I played classical music until the age of 18, when I started getting very interested in irish folkmusic and argentine tango. Gradually I became more and more aware of – and interested in our danish folkmusic tradition – and this is why I ended up studying at the conservatory in the danish folkmusic-department for four years on the fiddle. That was a great inspiration – like opening up the doors and stepping out in a new landscape, that was known to me somehow. ”

” Dickmeiss is a violinist beyond any comparison. “ Le Canard Folk, August 2005, M. Baudin, Belgien.

” he is an outstanding violinist who not least rythmically connects / blends the musical elements of rock and folk very well. ” Politikken, November 2001, Thorbjørn Sjøgren, Denmark

“ Dickmeiss plays a mean fiddle.“ fROOTS, april 2005, by Chris Nickson, England

“ Dickmeiss’ supple voice has an endearing warmth, and his fiddle work is lively and expressive.” Dirty Linen, January O6, Jim Lee, USA.

“ Dickmeiss reveals himself as one of the rare singers who has something to say.” Folk & Musik, August 2005, Steen Dahl, Denmark

” The Second CD from this Danish group from which emerges very nicely an intense personality. The one of the singer and fiddler Jørgen Dickmeiss – a captivating voice, a lively fiddle and an exceptional expressiveness. Le Canard Folk, November 2004 by M. Bauduin, Belgium.

“ interpreted by the front man of the group Jørgen Dickmeiss, which is both a splendid singer and a lively fiddler. Folk & Musik, Oktober 2004, by Søren Chr. Kirkegaard, Denmark

” I have never heard anything like it. The violin was played with such virtuosity, that one was lead to think of the fabled voilinplayer Wandy Tworek.” Lokalavisen Freserikshavn, Februar 2007, Kis Kattenhøj, Denmark

” Dickmeiss’ vocals are playful and nuanced, and his fiddle is equally fluid and melodic. “ Dirty Linen, April 2005 by Jim Lee, USA