Concerts for kids

” It was only a question of a few minutes before the children felt confident about Svøbsk. They listened intensely to the music and the stories and came closer and closer to the stage and the musicians. ”
Jydske Vestkysten, Bert Schultz, March 2009

” The City hall of Skanderborg was transformed in to a regular display of fireworks of singing and dancing kids, when Svøbsk opened the festival. The trio captured the children from the beginning and delivered a very varied programme. ”
Rootszone, Per Dyrholm, October 2010

Svøbsk Trio are playing a family / children-concert, that we have been toruring during the last three years – with about 40 concerts a year.

The musicians have played so much together that they know each other very well musically, and they complement each other most brilliantly. The music is a mix of traditional and new folk music, brilliantly played with lost of soul. The audience will be whirled through a concert exude by folk music – with singing, dancing and slow and fast tunes on plenty of folk instruments. In the end it all ends in a big social dance. In danish folkmusic tradition Svøbsk is the name of a melodi – and dancetype, where you turn ’round and ‘round in a close embrace until you get all “svøbsked”.

The concert lasts 45 minutes and is suitable for kids from 3-12 years old or as a family concert (kids with their parents or grandparents), where yhe whole family can get a nice musical experience together.

Maren Hallberg: Accordion, vocal, spoons
Jørgen Dickmeiss: Violon, vocal, guitar, jaws harp, accordeon, mandolin, harmonika
Simon Busk: Percussion, vocal, mandolin

Upcoming events


Fri, 14th Aug 3:00pm Musik Karavanen, The Music Caravan from Fynen play The streets of Odense, Odense

Sat, 15th Aug 11:00am Musik Karavanen, The Music Caravan from Fynen play The streets of Middelfart, Middelfart

Sun, 23rd Aug 3:00pm concert, Sulelængen, Magtenbølle

Tue, 25th Aug 2:15pm Svøbsk Kvartet SFO koncert, Rosendalskolen, Hobro

Thu, 27th Aug 9:00am Svøbsk Quartet School concert, Steinerskolen, Lindved, Odense

Fri, 28th Aug 12:00am Svøbsk Quartet School concert, Ølsted Specialskole, Ølsted

Fri, 28th Aug 10:00am Svøbsk Quartet School concert, Tingkærskolen, Odense

Sun, 30th Aug 11:00am Harvest mass, Agedrup Kirke, Odense

Mon, 31st Aug 8:50am Svøbsk Kvartet SFO koncert, Vestre Skole, Odense

Fri, 4th Sep 7:00pm Svøbsk Trio, World music Festival, Konservatoriets Fællessal, Rosenørns Allé, København

Sun, 13th Sep 10:30am Harvest mass, Læborg Kirke, Læborg

Sun, 20th Sep 10:30am Høstgudstjeneste, Egedal kirke, Kokkedal

Sun, 27th Sep 11:00am Harvest mass, Rønninge kirke, Rønninge

Wed, 30th Sep 8:45am Svøbsk Quartet workshop, private event, Fåborg Midtfyns kommune, Ringe

Thu, 22nd Oct 9:00am Svøbsk Kvartet scool concert, private event, Medborgerhuset, Herlevgårdsvej, Herlev

Tue, 27th Oct 11:00am Svøbsk Quartet Family concert, Kulturhuset, Skanderborg

Fri, 30th Oct 4:30pm Svøbsk Kvartet family concert, Nygadehuset, Aabenraa

Sun, 1st Nov 3:00pm Svøbsk Kvartet family concert, Frivagten, Marstal

Wed, 11th Nov 10:00am Svøbsk Quartet School concert, Carl Nielsen Skolen, Nørre Lyndelse

Thu, 12th Nov 12:30pm Svøbsk Quartet School concert, Carl Nielsen Skolen, Nørre Lyndelse

Fri, 13th Nov 10:00am Svøbsk Quartet School concert, Broby Friskole, Broby

Sat, 5th Dec 7:00pm Juletradition med Lunau&Sund og Julebal, Gyngen, Århus

Sun, 13th Dec 10:00am Svøbsk Quartet christmass concert, Generator, Ringkøbing

Wed, 16th Dec 9:00am Lukket arr. / Julegudstj. for børnehavebørn, Stenløse Kirke, Odense

Tue, 29th Dec 2:00pm Christmass in the church, Hjallelse Kirke, Odense


Sat, 13th Feb 11:00am Svøbsk Kvartet family concert, Morsø Folkebibliotek, Nykøbing Mors

Thu, 11th Mar 3:30pm Svøbsk Bal Trio, private arrangement, Rødding Friskole, Rødding

Thu, 25th Mar 10:00am Svøbsk Quartet School concert, Broskolen, Afd. Bøgehøj, Årslev